sábado, 2 de novembro de 2019

Nova Entrada

Normas de Segurança contra Incêndios em Edifícios ISO 24679-1:2019 Fire safety engineering — Performance of structures in fire — Part 1: General This document provides a methodology for assessing the performance of structures in the built environment when exposed to a real fire. This document, which follows the principles outlined in ISO 23932-1, provides a performance-based methodology for engineers to assess the level of fire safety of new or existing structures. ISO 23932-1:2018 Fire safety engineering — General principles — Part 1: General This document provides general principles and requirements for FSE, and is intended to be used by professionals involved in 1) performance-based fire safety design (of both new and existing built environments), 2) implementation for fire safety design plans, and 3) fire safety management. This document is not intended as a detailed technical design guide, but does provide the key elements necessary for addressing the different steps and their linkages in the fire safety design process. #SCIE #Segurança #Segurançacontraincendios #ISO #ISO23932 #ISO24679 0 Se não vê a mensagem, por favor vá a https://www.linkedin.com/company/qualdouro

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